Throwback Thursday

This is where you will find a photograph or artefact from our Museum, every Thursday!

22 March 2018
Who remembers shopping here and having it delivered to your door after you got home?

15 March 2018
It's 1974 and this is the staff of Dartford Infant School. Do you recognise anyone?


8 March 2018
It's 1984 and these are the Mercheford Morris Men!


22 February 2018
Are you related to a March Hare?



15 February 2018
It's Throwback Thursday and we're in The Avenue, pre-Cavalry Park! Do you remember these cottages?

the Avenue Cavalry Parkjpg

8 February 2018
It is in the 1930s and these lovely girls are in the March Brownies! Do any of them belong to you?
1930s browniesjpg


1 February 2018

It's 1890 and we're going for a pint down West End. That's the Boot & Shoe pub on the right. Do you remember any other March pubs that are no longer trading?

25 January 2018

Do you recognise any of these girls from 4th March Guides in the late '50s? We'd love to know what the missing names are! If you can help, please email us on


18 January 2018