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St George's Fayre Mystery Objects

1. ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ portable candle holder would have been used to go to bed before gas and electric lighting

2. Norwegian pattern ice Skates or Fen runners for attaching to ordinary boots or shoes

3. Cart wheel hub.  The axle would go through the middle and spokes put in the holes, these would fit into felloes around the outside and a steel tyre would hold everything together.


4. Key for turning on the gas lights in a Railway Carriage for the Great Eastern Railway. (Sorry the image is not sharp).

5. Braille printer for making bumps in paper to enable blind people to read with their fingers.

6. Can opener for opening cans sealed at both ends.  It is not a tin opener, a tin has a lid that can be lifted off and replaced again. It actually is stamped 'Tin Opener' on the handle nevertheless it is a can opener.

7. Clothes or soft furnishings beater used when dry cleaning was not even thought of.  Many fabrics could not be washed so were beaten to get the dirt out.

8. Raised pie former or pork pie mould.  Hot water crust pastry would be shaped around this block, which then would be removed and the filling, usually pork, packed inside before cooking. since the 'Great British Bake Off' these are back in demand.

9. Oxygen cylinder from a Second World War Aircraft.  Most bombers and a few fighters carried Oxygen so crew could safely fly at very high altitude.

10. Butter churn.  Milk would be allowed to settle so the cream rose to the top. The cream would be put in the churn and the handle turned & turned & turned until the fat became butter

11. Sugar cutter.  Sugar used to come in blocks and this would be used to snip off some as required.  Salt was also sold in blocks.

12. Cigarette box / dispenser. The little lever could be used to dispense one cigarette through the end of the box

Children's corner

We now have a designated area in our North Room where children can draw and colour from their imaginations or objects around them. Recent searches in our store have unearthed another school desk with two separate lifting lids and this has replaced the rather too modern table & chairs.

Dressing up

There are now six historic outfits for children to try, three for girls and three for boys, from Viking to Victorian with the Tudors in between.

The girls outfits modelled by a charming recent visitor.

We haven't seen any boys trying their outfits, they have been shy and secretive.